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Aircraft Sales, Acquisition and Consulting

We're specialists in the business of aircraft sales, acquisitions and consulting. As owners, operators, and pilots we have an intimate understanding of the many facets of aircraft ownership and operations. Armed with this knowledge, and using our extensive network of industry resources, we ensure that the sales, acquisition and consulting process is seamless and smooth.

Our Mission
With over 20 years of experience successfully negotiating complex transactions and managing a wide spectrum of aviation services, we're dedicated to building lasting client relationships based on trust and integrity. We are committed to meeting the needs of our clients and are focused on producing results.

Brokerage Services
Acquisition, sales and market research.

Consulting Services
Our expertise and experience is in aviation.

Technical Completion Services
Exceeding client expectations.

Owner / Trustee Services
U.S. registrations and aircraft owner trusts.


"We trust Emerald Aviation with our Aviation business. Our relationship is built on many years of trust and their tireless effort to see every project through to completion."

Director of Aviation


Buyers Guide

The first thing we help a first time buyer do is to establish a mission profile by looking at their travel requirements. We take into account the distances to be flown, how many passengers will typically be on board.... read more


Falcon 2000EX EASy view

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